The villas are fourteen superiorly equipped prefabricated wooden houses with modern design and a skeletal construction that ensures long durability, lasting value and optimal sound and thermal insulation in all seasons. Materials used are of natural origin, well-ventilating and energy-saving, selected due to their favourable influence on the residents’ well-being. 

The houses are designed in the classic Istrian construction tradition, as demonstrated by the low roof and the use of natural tile, but are upgraded with modern architectural approaches, resulting in colourful and dynamic design, in large, well-ventilated and bright rooms, spacious terraces and large windows.



The well-being of residents is ensured by the above-standard insulation of the incorporated materials, together with the prefabricated construction method of wooden structure, which ensures an optimum “dryness” of the houses, such as cannot be achieved by the “classical” construction methods, which use water.



Due to an optimal thermal insulation of exterior and interior walls, the estimated heating costs per season are 30% to 50% lower than in comparable houses of traditional construction. Further reduction of heating costs in winter months as well as cooling costs in the summer is ensured by the built-in “coils”, which in combination with a heat pump further streamline the costs of used energy. Additional savings in lighting are ensured with an innovative “Solartube” system.



Using wood as a primary building material for prefabricated house construction in combination with stone and a variety of ecologically sound insulation materials and finishes creates a healthy climate in the living quarters for optimal comfort.

The architects paid special attention in designing the Saphire villas to the optimal use of space, that is why the floor plans feature emphasized versatility and consistency with external light sources which enables optimal brightness of the rooms. In combination with large living rooms, short hallways and a large terrace overlooking the sea, this creates a very intimate living space with a modern touch.


Because of the innovative light transmission to the interior in all Saphire villas, even darker parts of the housing, which would normally use artificial lighting, are completely illuminated by natural light. This system also ensures savings in energy consumption, but in particular it creates an eye-friendly ambient light.


The Saphire villas are also equipped with smart installations, allowing an insight into and control over events in the building or its surroundings through modern communication channels.


Many pre-installed cameras will control the security of your holiday home, allowing remote image transfer into your private home and consequently the possibility of up-to-date monitoring of developments in your holiday home and maximum security of your investment.

At the southern end of the Istrian peninsula, 11 kilometres from the antique pearl – the city of Pula, on the plain 135 metres above sea level, lies the city of Vodnjan (Dignano). Set only 2 kilometres away from the coast, it is famous for its excellent wine, olives and hospitality ever since the antique period, when the town was called Vicus Atinianum.



Today Vodnjan boasts a modern urban infrastructure and a rich offer of commercial and culinary delights. Still, the town maintains its special charm with medieval squares and streets with lots of green spots, as well as beautiful, rocky beaches on the nearby coast with a magnificent view of one the world’s largest natural pearls – the Brijuni Islands.



A mild Mediterranean climate on the fourteen islands of the Brijuni offers shelter to more than 700 plant and many indigenous and non-indigenous animal species, including 250 species of birds. The archipelago, well-known for its residential villas of the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz – Tito in the 20th century, is now famous particularly for its rich culture, zoo, pheasant farm and safari park.



The Brijuni Islands are, together with Pula and Vodnjan, among the most attractive Mediterranean destinations for an active holiday. This results from their wonderful nature and rich history, cultural diversity and exquisite food, well-managed infrastructure and excellent sea and air transport connections with many European cities.


VillasVila 1
Villa Saphire 1 (46J)
Vila 2
Villa Saphire 2 (46K)
245.000,00 €
Vila 3
Villa Saphire 3 (46L)
245.000,00 €
Vila 4
Villa Saphire 4 (46M)
Vila 5
Villa Saphire 5 (46N)
Vila 6
Villa Saphire 6 (46I)
Vila 7
Villa Saphire 7 (46H)
Vila 8
Villa Saphire 8 (46G)
Vila 9
Villa Saphire 9 (46F)
245.500,00 €
Vila 10
Villa Saphire 10 (46E)
Vila 11
Villa Saphire 14 (46A)
Vila 12
Villa Saphire 13 (46B)
295.000,00 €
Vila 13
Villa Saphire 12 (46C)
Vila 14
Villa Saphire 11 (46D)

Villa Saphire 1 (46J) – SOLD 

Villa Saphire 2 (46K) – SOLD 

Villa Saphire 3 (46L) – 245.000,00 € – RESERVED 

Villa Saphire 4 (46M) – SOLD 

Villa Saphire 5 (46N) – SOLD 

Villa Saphire 6 (46I) – SOLD

Villa Saphire 7 (46H) – SOLD

Villa Saphire 8 (46G) – SOLD

Villa Saphire 9 (46F) – 245.500,00 € – AVAILABLE

Villa Saphire 10 (46E) – SOLD

Villa Saphire 11 (46D) – SOLD 

Villa Saphire 12 (46C) – SOLD 

Villa Saphire 13 (46B) – 295.000,00 € – AVAILABLE

Villa Saphire 14  (46A) – SOLD